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GSK, Novartis and Crédit Suisse put Switzerland on a high

Swiss firms have bagged major business from global brands such as GSK, Novartis and Crédit Suisse this year, while their Asia ventures have come good. The legal minds behind the Glaxo-SmithKline and Novartis asset swap, global banking investigations, Schaeffler’s €2bn high yield bond issuance and Dufry’s £1.05bn takeover of Nuance… – Continue reading

Focus on tax avoidance, not GST hikes

What is the difference between 30 per cent of zero and 20 per cent of zero? Correct: precisely $5227.27 less than a Bronwyn-Bishop-taxpayer-funded helicopter trip from Melbourne to Geelong. A reduction in the corporate tax rate, as unrelentingly espoused by the business lobby in its pro-GST campaign, may be a… – Continue reading

Pharmaceutical companies accused of profit shifting not being taken to court

None of the pharmaceutical companies that are accused of profit shifting have been taken to court, the Australian Taxation Office has said in written responses to the Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance. Earlier in July executives from the largest global pharmaceutical companies operating in Australia were hauled before the… – Continue reading

Teva Buying Allergan Generics, Creating ‘Market Behemoth’

Thwarted in its attempt to acquire the generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company Mylan, the Israeli–based Teva will purchase Ireland-based Allergan Generics for $40.5 billion in an acquisition that executive and investors at both companies — if not consumers — are applauding. “Teva’s deal with Allergan will create a market behemoth… – Continue reading

Drug companies give their tax affairs a clean bill of health ahead of Senate grilling

Multinational drug companies are presenting a united front ahead of their appearance at the Senate’s corporate tax avoidance inquiry, insisting they are honest, ethical and pay their fair share of tax. Nine pharmaceutical companies, which between them receive billions of dollars in taxpayer-subsidised sales via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, will… – Continue reading