Category: Interest and Royalties Directive

Italy’s Supreme Court resolves withholding tax dispute over interest paid to holding company

The Italian Supreme Court, in a decision released 10 July, has addressed whether a sub-holding company was beneficial owner of interest payments for withholding tax purposes, applying the European Court of Justice’s holdings in the well-known Danish cases. ... - Continue reading

Malta Pushes to Ease EU Cross-Border Interest, Withholding Tax

European Union presidency holder Malta has launched a new attempt to salvage pending EU legislation designed to eliminate withholding taxes for cross-border interest and royalty payments in the EU single market. One of the key hurdles the Interest and Royalties Directive has faced in the Council of Economic and Financial… – Continue reading

UK Finance Bill 2016 – Royalty Witholding Tax

Domestic UK law imposes a 20% royalty withholding tax on limited types of payment and on specific categories of intellectual property. This year’s Finance Bill expands the scope of intellectual property royalties that are subject to UK royalty withholding tax. UK businesses should review their intellectual property licensing agreements to… – Continue reading

Budget 2016: Royalty payments – Enhanced withholding tax rights

As part of the Government’s crackdown on profit shifting by multinationals from the UK to low or no-tax jurisdictions, the Chancellor has announced in Budget 2016 a package of enhanced withholding tax measures which are designed to ensure that companies are not able to use intragroup royalty payments for avoidance…. – Continue reading

Dutch Presidency releases BEPS Roadmap

Following the release of the anti-tax-avoidance (ATA) package on January 28, 2016 by the European Commission, the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union presented an EU-Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Roadmap (the Roadmap) to the Members of the High Level Working Party on Tax issues. The… – Continue reading

Dutch EU Presidency To Prioritize BEPS Action

The Netherlands will prioritize action against corporate tax avoidance during its Presidency of the Council of the European Union, from now until the end of June. In a report detailing its plans for its six-month term, the Dutch Government said: “The Netherlands Presidency will prioritize action against tax evasion and… – Continue reading