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Last year Jersey cemented its position as a leading centre for companies looking to list – as reflected in the rise in volume and value of Jersey companies listed on exchanges around the world. Here are some challenges that lie ahead in this jurisdiction over the next 12 months. In… – Continue reading

D.C. Made A Change To Its Tax Law, And Caribbean Countries Aren’t Happy About It

Faced with outrage from over a dozen otherwise placid Caribbean nations, D.C. officials are backtracking on a plan to openly call out countries it says allow big U.S. businesses to skip out on paying local taxes. At issue is a change to existing tax law made through the 2016 D.C…. – Continue reading

Exclusive: Guernsey chief minister defends island’s tax credibility

Guernsey chief minister Jonathan Le Tocq has defended the island’s position as an “international leader” in tax cooperation after it was placed on the European Commission’s tax haven blacklist last month. Speaking exclusively to International Adviser, Le Tocq described the list of the 30 most un-cooperative tax jurisdictions as “arbritary”… – Continue reading

Capital flight: An epidemic that must be stopped

Recent news stories, past reports and current anecdotal evidence suggest the flight of capital from Nigeria is reaching epidemic proportions. Nigeria is fast becoming a net exporter of students, patients and financial capital. Last week, news about Nigerian millionaires, the freezing of stolen assets, the flying habits of wealthy Nigerians… – Continue reading