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Turkey: Turkey Updates Rules On Double Taxation Prevention Treaties For Independent Professional Services

Turkey has clarified rules for taxing income derived from independent professional services (and similar activities) carried out within Turkey, by residents of countries which have double taxation prevention agreements with Turkey. The number of days a company’s employees spent in Turkey will now become the only basis for calculating the… – Continue reading

UK: Offshore Trusts With UK Beneficiaries Will Be Captured Under 4AMLD

4AMLDThe arm of the UK Government is likely to extend into offshore trusts where they contain UK tax paying beneficiaries. Whether or not this information will be linked at an EU level remains to be seen. Following the introduction of the EU’s 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (4AMLD), and recent G20… – Continue reading

G20 vows to push growth, backs India on International Monetary Fund reforms

“India’s concerns are known…there can be no compromise on the issue of terror…India’s longstanding position is that there is no good or bad terror and all forms of terrorism are unacceptable and must be fought by the global community as well as each and every country”, the source told reporters…. – Continue reading

U.S. missing out to corporate tax havens

U.S. companies moved $500 billion to $700 billion in profits to countries with low or no corporate tax rates in 2012 alone, according to new research published by tax reform campaigners Tuesday. Tax avoidance on such a large scale means the U.S. accounts for about 71% of profits worldwide that… – Continue reading

Ireland making ‘little or no’ effort to curb corruption – report

Ireland has made “little or no” effort over the past four years to create a corruption-free playing field for global trade, violating its “obligation to combat cross-border bribery”, reports the Irish Times. The Transparency International Exporting Corruption report, released on Thursday, found that Ireland, along with countries such as Russia,… – Continue reading

Turkish minister: Tax evasion like ‘fighting terror’

Major G20 tax event in Istanbul hears claims that fighting tax scams is ‘vital issue’ for developing nations ISTANBUL Fighting tax evasion is like fighting international terror, Turkey’s finance minister has claimed. Mehmet Simsek was speaking at an international G20 tax event in Istanbul on Thursday where he said that… – Continue reading

Global Tax Transparency Goes Live in 2016

Cross border tax fraud and tax evasion by High Net Wealth Individuals (HNWI) are serious problems for many jurisdictions. For many years exchange of information between countries has been solely upon request. In practise this procedure is not efficiently working as it requires foreseeable relevance, thus ‘fishing’ for information is… – Continue reading

Foreign landlords in Turkey need to file taxes by March 25

Where applicable, foreign landlords with property in Turkey are required to file tax returns to Turkish financial authorities by March 25 The tax treatment of income elements earned by foreigners from any source of income usually tops the international tax agenda and is extensively debated worldwide by experts, academics and… – Continue reading

ICC calls on G20 Finance Ministers to accelerate implementation of the Brisbane Action Plan and National Growth Strategies

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) joined discussions today with G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to set priorities for continued economic growth during the Turkish G20 presidency. As part of Turkey’s G20 platform for inclusiveness, implementation, and investment – the three I’s of the government’s G20 2015 presidency… – Continue reading

Leading financial centres ‘must act on corruption’, says watchdog

China and Turkey have fallen in international rankings of perceived corruption, according to a new report released by the Berlin-based anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI).09 Dec 2014 Regulatory Europe Asia Pacific Gulf Africa According to the latest edition of TI’s Corruption Perceptions Index for 2014, which scores countries on a… – Continue reading

G20 to press for ‘rapid timeline’ for exchange of tax information

NEW DELHI: G-20, a group of developed and developing nations, is likely to press for adoption of “rapid timelines” by different countries for automatic sharing of information with a view to curb tax evasion. The issue of automatic sharing of tax information would figure prominently during the meeting of G-20… – Continue reading